The Getaway Ticket

Do you feel like you need the ticket too?

I have been on it for far too long, it’s just an idea, it’s just an idea! I keep telling myself. What is the plan, how can I get the basic tools needed? Who can help with it? All these are the questions I keep asking every time I wake up since October 2017.

How do you cope when you know deep down that you can’t stay in one place for long? You keep tailoring your ideas, way of life, skill and abilities to suit circumstances and happenstance but never yours. You ask if you are doing all this because you like what you do, people you do it for or is it just to get by.

I’m on a path to the next iteration of myself. As a nomad, how do you make it work, traveling from one city to other, in-between jobs, a job you wake up one day and the motivation just isn’t there to keep you going anymore, the environment seems stagnant yet moving, just not in the direction that let you thrive in, I don’t want to feel like that anymore, don’t know about you. I found clarity in trusting my gut and following my intuition. Take a trip from all you think hold you down. You know what they say, if you never try, then you never know; find your own inner voice and not the noise of the environment. All you need do is raise the rent or kick them out, all those tenants renting space in your head, mind, and heart, focus on your Numero Uno which is –undoubtedly you and does you. Because when it all said and done, you alone will live with the choices you allow them to help you make.

Where are your kith and kin? They are out there, ready to welcome you with open arms, but I hope you are looking in the right place, let your mind consciousness take the wheel to your destination. Demand for what you want from the universe, environmental element, call to whoever you think is listening.

My getaway ticket comes in from the backpackers, one of my digital kin in form of hiking and camping – a day hiking and camping at brick city Kubwa, Abuja. The campfire did much for me, seeing it blazing softly till I close my eyes, and waking up to see the embers. It was clear, the barrier is burnt, there is no mountain too high to climb, embrace who you know you want to be and have the courage to keep moving in that direction.

So the idea that seems elusive because of the tools, how to go about, who will help is solved, not because magic happens but I focused on what I want and find a way to make it happen in the way that works for me. Now, what is the way that works for you, and where do you think you need help with? Maybe taking a day or week to travel and see the world from another angle. You got to do it, you owe it to yourself.

And don’t forget to be eco-friendly, take care of all non-biodegradable materials you use at the campsite, contribute to a green and safe earth.

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